Android Apps to identify songs

Posted by Rajib Kundu On Wednesday, March 27, 2013 0 comments

You are in a party or in a restaurant and suddenly you are very impressed by a song that you have never heard before. There are few android apps which will identify and find the song. You don’t have to try hard to memorize the lyrics of the song and search the internet in and out to find the song, using those lyrics.  All you have to do is to install any of this following app, in your android phone and the app will identify the song and display all the information you. It may even start playing the song from YouTube if available.

Ratings Received - 432,626
Rating - 4.5

This app identifies a song when you hold your phone near to the song. This app has a large database of songs thus can identify songs very accurately. You have 2 tap the “S” logo of this app in the middle of your screen and the song will be recorded for 15 seconds or less, then it will identify the song by comparing the song to its database .If it has found a match, it will display the title and artist and other related information like YouTube video URL’s, websites from which you can purchase the song, recommendation of similar songs, lyrics etc. it even lets you share the song with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and SMS. It also records a 30 sec clip of the song for you to listen .You can tag your music on spotify and listen to it later.

Ratings Received - 194,663
Rating - 4.4

SoundHound is an app similar to Shazam with an extra facility that, it identifies the song even when you sing the song yourself. Like Shazam you have to record the song by tapping its logo at the center of the screen and it will start recording and find out the song. It shows you the lyrics while playing the song, display title and artist name, display the real-time Twitter and Facebook updates from your favorite artists, lets you hear free songs, new artist , and share the song on Facebook and Twitter.
Unfortunately most users find this app less useful than Shazam as it cannot recognize songs as good as Shazam.

Ratings Received - 33,115
Rating - 4.4

This is another music recognition app from Sony Mobile Communications. This app may be less popular than Shazam and SoundHound but does a pretty decent job in successfully recognizing songs. It has a pretty and intuitive user interface. With this app you can get title and author information of a song, get music videos on you Tube, share music with your Facebook friends and of course listen to the song. Users of this app find a very accurate and fast. Some happy users recommend that it is even better than Shazam.

Ratings Received - 1,878
Rating - 4.5

This is another song recognition app which is developed by Google itself. This app is quite very good in identifying songs very fast and accurately. The user interface is very much easy and intuitive. As this is developed by Google it is expected that it will get updates regularly. But the biggest drawback of this app is it runs on android 4 .0 and up. You can purchase the identified songs directly from Google play and add them to play music library. Android 4.2 users can add this Widget directly to your lockscreen so that you can start this app even faster. It is so fast that, it can even identify the songs of the commercials.

Ratings Received - 3,903
Rating - 4.0

This is another similar kind of song Identification app. Along with song recognition this app is also good for sharing music among friends and community through Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. SoundTracking has lock-screen & home-screen widget, Trending nearby- which displays popular music from your city and neighborhood. You can dedicate and tag songs to your friends and they will get an instant notification. This app can play YouTube videos inside this app, so you don’t have to start another app to play YouTube video. SoundTracking  can play songs using Rdio or Spotify .