10 most interesting Temple Run like games for Android

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After the immense popularity of Temple Run I and Temple Run II in android platform, many other developers came forward to develop games which are similar to endless-runner game. Although these games like subway surfer , Agent Dash are based on endless-runner theme, yet they offers a lot of variation in game play and graphics. The Gaming community who liked Temple Run, loved these games too. Here is a list of 10 endless runner game with great graphics and intense action.

Ratings received - 339,000
Avg Rating - 4.5

This is a true successor of the original temple run and the graphics really improved a lot. In this game your character will run through jungles, mountains and Dungeons at a very high speed and you have set the direction of your character with swipe of your finger to avoid falling. You have to take power ups while running with very quick movement of your finger. This is a very simple but greatly addictive game, millions of gamers found this game very interesting and spend hours playing this game, even though some people find this game difficult for its very high speed.


Ratings received - 580,000
Avg Rating - 4.7

This is another endless runner game similar to Temple Run but with a lot of new additions. In this game you have to ride through subway tunnels on a skateboard. While surfing you have to collect coins, power ups and avoid collision with trains, light posts, wooden walls etc. With swipe of your finger you can make your character jump, tumble roll under objects, use hover board to go through any obstacle temporarily. If you hit any obstacle twice you will be caught by a cop and his dog and sent back to the starting point. This game is very colorful and has really nice graphics.

3. Agent Dash

Ratings received - 121,000
Avg Rating - 4.5

Agent Dash is another endless run HD game like temple run. In this game your main character is an undercover agent whose objective is to avoid or demolish obstacles while running, in order to uncover super villains. Here the movements are sidestep, leap and slide the obstacles. Collect diamonds to purchase new gadgets and unlock new characters. The agent can fire pistols to destroy obstacles and use jetpacks to run through obstacles without receiving any damage. You can even compare your score with facebook friends.


Ratings received - 130,000
Avg Rating - 4.6

At the start of this game you have to construct a vehicle with different pieces of stuff like box, umbrella etc., given to you at the start of the game. The pigs will ride this vehicle avoiding various obstacles to clear map to reach towards the finishing line. You will also have to collect crates and stars along the way. This game is lot more difficult and thoughtful than angry bird and takes serious planning to clear the map as the levels increases.

5. Rail Rush

Ratings received - 95,000
Avg Rating - 4.2

This is yet another endless-run type game which resembles a lot with Temple Run. In this game , instead of running  you will travel in a cart on a rail road . You will have to swipe and tilt in order to prevent falling and collision with obstacles. Tilting makes you move sidewise to avoid obstacles and flicking left and right helps changing tracks. Collecting gold nuggets and gemstones helps you to upgrade your cart and make it more resistant to damages. Gems and rock eggs can line the rail. The graphics and characters of this game are really superb.

Ratings received - 123,000
Avg Rating - 4.6

IRunner is another very simple yet interesting Temple run type game. In this game, you have to run and collect batteries to increase your energy and powerups. There are two buttons “jump” and “slide”on each side of your screen, tap jump once to make simple jump and tap that button twice to make double jump. Tapping “slide” button simply slides the character. The game does not have great graphics like the other games mentioned above, yet it is very simple and highly addictive.

Ratings received - 61,000
Avg Rating - 4.5

This is another very cool, funny and addictive game. The main character is very unique, an old granny, yet she is a master in combat. In this game you have to help our granny escape from mental asylum. You have to avoid obstacles like box cartoons and beat up punks in the streets and grab their coins.


8. Vector

Ratings received - 39,000

Avg Rating - 4.4

In this game the free Runner(the main character) try to break free from a world where system where people have to freedom. The movements are based on urban ninja sport of Parkour. The movements are really amazing and the surroundings are really thrilling. You have to jump over the top of tall builds to escape. There are 100+ movements available according to the game developer.

9. Running Fred

Ratings received - 71,000
Avg Rating - 4.5

In this game our hero Fred runs through a fantasy world to avoid skeletons and other antic monsters. This game is filled with action and gore. There are lots of amazing movements to avoid traps and killing of the fiery monsters. You have to acquire special combat moves and perks while running.  The fantasy world through which Fred runs is amazing.

Ratings received - 23,000
Avg Rating - 4.6
Another Temple runner like game with good graphics. You are a treasure hunter trapped in an island full of cannibals. You will have to slide, climb, stringjump and crawl to escape from hungry looking savages chasing you with spears. You have to collect coins to unlock powerups and additional levels.


Allthecooks Recipe Search : A great Android App to find cooking recipe

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If you are tired of eating the same old food over and over at your dinner or if you just want to surprise your family by cooking a great recipe very quickly but not sure what to cook, then this app is for you . Allthecooks Recipe Search is a real delight for all those people who love to cook and share cooking ideas. This is a community of people exchanging ideas for recipe and helping each other in cooking more delicious food. It has over 150 K recipes in its database. Users can search the database by just selecting the ingredients. It was a great voice search feature using which you can just search the database using ingredients, meal type of dishes.
If you're having trouble of any sort in cooking and recipe you can ask questions to other community members and will get the answers almost instantly. It has  a great chat feature where you can ask questions or help other community members instantly.

Allthecooks community for is also a great resource for checking recipes and finding out what other community members are cooking. You can also bookmark recipes of your choice. You can share recipes with other community members and your friends through email, sms, twitter, facebook and others. Another great feature of this app is you can save the ingredients you are going to need in a list so that you can remember and buy them when you visit the grocery store next time.

There is a great exciting feature that after cooking of food he can click the picture of the food and share it with your friends and other community members. Similarly, you can browse through pictures of food uploaded by other members and get the recipe of the ones you like.
Other things you can do with this great app are

- Find food that fits your diet, including: diabetic, baby food, vegetarian and gluten free.
- Talk to other people about their diet and health tricks. 
- Find nice recipe solution for diabetes.

Browse and cook Holidays recipes. Including East, Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving with turkey recipes. Access them by going to: 
-> All categories -> Holiday Recipes -> Thanksgiving Recipes

-          Cannot print recipes.
-          Most of the recipes are for USA.
-          Calorie information and not present for most of the recipes.

     Download Allthecooks Recipe Search
     Users - 17,170
     Rating - 4.3


Quora an interesting social app for gathering knowledge

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Quora , one of the most popular question-and-answer community has recently released its android app version. Using this app is you can gather to create amount of interesting and knowledgeable facts by reading through the questions and answers. Quora is like Yahoo answers, but the questions are answered by Quora community users who are lot more professional in answering the questions. By browsing through Quora  question answers you will gain lot of interesting and amazing facts.
After installing, you can login with your Facebook or Twitter account. At first you'll have to select at least five topics of your choice on the basis of which, Quora will fetch and display existing questions answers. You can ask questions, give answers to questions, comment on answers, upvote answers and follow other users. The main importance of this app is that the answers given by the community users are really very informative. 
It can send push notification from your favorite topics so that you are always informed about the latest questions asked. Which means, whenever someone answers your question or vote  your question or followsyou, you will be informed in your inbox .This app has a very nice search features which stays always on the top of your screen and also can support Voice search. Another very nice feature is that the search feature integrates itself with the native search feature of your device, thus every search will result something from both google and Quora comes into a search result.
This app is a very nice and attractive user interface. The grey/red colour scheme looks great and uses wipe-based navigation. However it does not have a tablet version, thus in your tablet you will see a blown-up version of the phone app.
With this app you can do all the standard activities of the web version, like messaging a friend, checking credit, following other users. You can also share your location if you want to. It takes about 12M of memory and uses 6M internal memory even after moving to SD card. On Low-end phones it may occasionally freeze.
Overall Quora, is a very nice application to ask your problems and get very professional and informative answers using your mobile phone or Tablet. It has a very high rating in app market , and most of the users are very happy and satisfied with its performance. 


Usres - 8,340
 rating - 4.6

Pocket: app to bookmark web pages for later reading.

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Pocket is a great service to bookmark and store website articles videos and images, and share the bookmarks between computers and different devices.
Consider a situation that you are browsing the Internet on your desktop, reading a great article; suddenly you remember you have to go to the grocery store immediately. Now you can add the link of the web page that you are reading to pocket from your desktop browser and read the same web page from your pocket android app when you're on your way to the grocery store. Pocket can sync bookmarks between desktop chrome/Firefox extension and open the same bookmark from your iOS or android app. Moreover, when you open any article your android device, pocket saves it locally so that you can read the article letter even without Internet connection.
Another powerful feature of pocket is, it can sync with lots of different android applications like Dolphin browser, twitter, Facebook, FlipBoard, Zite, FeedReader and lot more, so that whenever you are browsing through any article using those apps(say Dolphin browser), you can directly save this article to “pocket” app. To add a web page from any other app to pocket just tap “Share” and select “add to pocket” from the list of share options, you can send an e-mail to add the link to your pocket account. This way pocket makes sure, that whenever you discover a great article of your interest you will never lose it, and you can open the same article from your desktop PC or phone or tab, whenever and wherever you want to.
Pocket displays the saved bookmarks in list view or grid view. You can add tags to your bookmarks in order to separate the bookmarks into different categories. For PC , you can install chrome extension of pocket or Firefox extension of pocket so that, whenever you find a great web page you can directly insert them into pocket from Firefox or chrome with just a single click. Later on, you can open the saved bookmarks from your iOS or android app.
This app takes only 2.5 mb of internal memory space and it says the web page cache to your internal memory or in the SD card according to your choice. To save the cashed pages to SD card, go to pocket setting -> store cache on SD card.
Another very useful feature of pocket is, you can add site RSS feed from the settings and it will automatically download the articles from the RSS feed so that you can browse through them at your leisure time. To add RSS sites to your pocket account, go to settings -> “manage site subscription” and add your favorite site to pocket.
There are other similar kind of websites and apps available in the market, but pocket has a very intuitive and user-friendly UI. Earlier, it was a paid service under the name of “Read it Later”, but recently it has been redesign, renamed as “pocket” as made free to use.

User - 34,443
rating - 4.6


App to take screen shot of your android phone without rooting

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Sometimes you may need to take screenshot of your android phone screen for different reasons like posting SMS log chat log to Facebook and social media. There are many apps available in the market for taking screenshots of android phone, but most of them requires your phone to be rooted. Many users do not want to root your android phone thus these apps does not work very well on their phones.
How there is a app called Screenshot UXTrial
Users - 46,388
rating -4.4
This app works very well even in unrooted phones. With this app, when you want to take screenshots, you start this app and it will display a camera icon on top of the screen. You can open up any screen on your android phone and tap the camera icon take the screenshot. You can also configure the app so that it will take the screenshot by shaking the phone. After taking the screenshot you can Edit, Crop, Share on social Media or save the image to your SD card. You can share the image directly to Facebook or Google Picasa or e-mail it to any e-mail address directly from the app.

This app works with most popular models without rooting like
- Gallaxy series (S,S2,...)
- HTC phones (Sensation, ...)
- Motorola (Atrix, ...).
- LG Optimus series (G2X, ...)

App Name - Screenshot UXTrial  
Users - 46,388
rating -4.4


Easiest way to backup SMS and contacts on Android

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There are many apps available in the market for backing up SMS and contacts. Some are very good and some are prone to failure. But all backing up software eats up  some amount of your precious internal memory. Also it is difficult to choose which backup app will produce effective backup without losing your data.
Android OS has inbuilt feature of SMS and contacts backup which is very effective. You can use this feature to backup SMS and contacts without having to install any third party app. Also as it is an inbuilt feature of android OS you don't have to worry about losing your data due to backup failure.
This backup feature can back up your SMS and contacts into SD card and even e-mail the backup to your e-mail address. It can also send the backup file to your Evernote account.

Steps to back up your contacts using android OS.
Open the phone icon on the home screen, tap the people tab, now tap the Menu at the bottom of your phone (usually marked by three small lines or a box), tap the “Import/Export” , tap “export to SD card”, now you will be given 3 options “Google , Sim And Phone” , choose Phone or Google and tap ok. It will start the backup and will show how many contact numbers are getting backed up on a .vcf file.
To import contact from the backup files again follow the same procedure. Phone -> people -> Menu -> Import/Export . Choose the option “Import from SD card” this time. Then select “Google” or “phone” whichever type of backup you had chosen at the time of back up. Android will search the backup files from your SD card and display the names of those files, Choose the most recent backup file and hit OK. The contacts will be restored to your phone.

Steps to back up your SMS  using android

SMS backup is even more easier than contacts back up. Just open up your Messages , tap Menu at the bottom of the phone, Tap on more option with 3 dots(…) , tap on “Back Up SMS” menu, Choose “Back up” to backup SMS to SD card or “Restore” to restore SMS from SD card.
 So this is how you can back up or restore SMS or contacts just by using android OS without installing any extra app.