Google Now for Android : Information on Your Finger Tap

Posted by Rajib Kundu On Friday, April 19, 2013 0 comments

Google Now is a newly introduced predictive search feature for JellyBean (4.1) users. It gives you a lot of information base on your daily activity.
It gives you information like weather, how much traffic can you expect based on your next appointment, arrival time of your next train, Your favorite football teams score in card format. All these information will be very easily accessible with just few swipes of your finger.

Few of the most interesting Google Now cards that are currently available
Next Appointment – This card tells you information about the traffic you can expect towards your next destination
Weather – Shows the weather of your locality and also weather of your destination.
Traffic – traffic condition and alternate routes for your next destination.
Restaurant Reservation – Shows the time remaining to reach the restaurant reserved for you.
Events – How much time remaining for the start  events tickets that you purchased and direction to reach the event.
Friend’s Birthday – It reminds you about your friend’s birthday and let you wish him on G+ and display their contact information.
Hotels – the navigation direction to the hotel that you have reserved.
Flights – Displays Real-Time flight status.
Sports – Getting updates on sports and live scores of your favorite team is very easy with Google Now.
Movies - getting information about movie Showtime in which he is playing in the theatre near you can be done by using the movies card.
Stocks – Stock information can be received through the stocks card.
Breaking News – Breaking News card keeps you updated about the latest happening around you.
Research topic – this card gives information about the exciting and resourceful websites on a particular topic that you want to Research.
Public transit – this card gives information about the buses or a nearby subway station around you.
Places – this card gives information about bars, restaurants, and places of interest around your current location.
Nearby events – This card shows the information about current events.
Currency – quickly check the local currency conversion rates.
Translation – quickly translate the words that you want to say to foreign languages.

These are the current features that are currently available in Google now. Google is constantly releasing updates on the current cards and also releasing more and more new cards. This app makes your life easier by providing the right information at the right time whenever you need. You can control this app using your voice. The only downside of this app is it is currently available to only Jellybean (4.1)users.


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