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Along with the anti-virus apps you'll also need to install security apps that protect other apps. These types of apps are called App-Locker, which password protects other apps, installed in your phone so that any user or Virus cannot open the apps for malicious intent. App-Locker forces and is an user to type passwords in order to open other installed apps, thus even if anyone handles your phone who does not know the password cannot open the sensitive apps.

Smart App Protector is one of the most popular app-locker available in the play market. With this app is up to enter a password or swipe your finger according to a pattern in order to open in an installed app. Thus any user or friend who wants to open your apps without your permission will be able to open them. It can also backup and restore other apps. Apart from app locking, it can lock USB Connection, Outgoing calls, 3g Data and Wi-Fi. Along with App Password protection it also locks the screen so that the screen does not go off. It also stops the screen from auto rotating. There are four types of locks: password (number, character), pattern, gesture. It supports other features like locking apps remotely using SMS, unlocking apps using Wi-Fi. It limits the unlocking attempts to a certain number of times, so that any harmful user cannot go on attempting different passwords to unlock apps.

Smart App Protector(App Lock)Smart App Protector(App Lock)

This is another app locker which is really loved by the android users. It can password protect any application along with the SMS, Messenger , Pictures, Camera,  Email, USB Connect, Calendar...any apps you choose. It is a very good feature that it lets you unlock your app by reading your thumbnail impression. It has widget support. It can lock auto rotation and the auto brightness for the apps you have selected. It can filter certain home screens which is to be shown only after unlocking with password. Drawback of this app is it does not support small screen phones like HTC wildfire.

Perfect App Protector - FREEPerfect App Protector - FREE

APP Lock is another very popular app-locker. Apart from regular services like locking apps with password are patterns, it can lock incoming calls, display quick lock switch in widgets and home screen, allow apps to remain unlock for short amount of time once they're unlocked. It is a very high average rating of 4.6 which signifies most users are very happy with this app.

APP LockAPP Lock

Ever wanted to protect your personal gallery images from praying eyes? Then this app is for you. Gallery Lock can hide individual pictures and videos within your gallery. This app is compatible to any gallery apps installed in your phone, so that none of the gallery application can open the hidden pictures and videos. It provides a stealth mode which even hides the Gallery Lock app shortcut. Gallery Lock provides both pattern lock and password lock.

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

This is another gallery protection app that safeguards the privacy of your images and videos from the gallery. This app can perform all essential features like hiding images, videos and it has three types of screen lock facility: PINs, Password, and Pattern. It is very lightweight, only about 2 mb in size thus perfectly suitable for phones with no internal memory.

Safe Gallery FreeSafe Gallery Free


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