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After publishing the two previous posts on android app security with anti-virus apps and app locker apps , this is the third installment of the series which discusses are android phone tracker apps. These type of apps are very useful find your phone when they are lost or stolen. You can even delete your sensitive data from the phone using SMS or intranet when your phone is lost or stolen. These apps can accurately track the exact location on Google maps to help you find your phone quickly. What if you don’t have any of these apps installed when you have lost the phone? You can just install any of these apps remotely from Google play store and start tracking your phone.

Wheres My Droid is a very useful app when it comes to finding your lost or stolen phone. If you cannot find your phone, you have to send a text message, with a particular word from any other phone to  your phone. Upon receiving the text your phone will start ringing and vibrate. If your phone is too far away so that you cannot hear the identity this comment in the ring, then you can get the exact GPS location and Google Maps Location by sending another text message. If someone steals your phone and try to change the sim, then this app will notify you by sending a text message with the GPS location of the phone. The stealth mode allows no notification display upon receiving the text with attention word.
The PRO version(Purchased version) has even more interesting features. The PRO version takes pictures of the person handling the phone and send an MMS to you. You can remotely lock the phone, wipe out SD card data or phone data.

Wheres My DroidWheres My Droid

This is a very light weight version of “Wheres My Droid” with only two  limited features like find your phone by ringing/vibrating via SMS and find GPS location of  the phone. This version of the app is very lightweight, less than 1 MB and good for those who don’t need the extra functionalities of the original version.

Where's My Droid LiteWhere's My Droid Lite

This app is not yet as popular as “Wheres my Droid”, but it has all the functionalities that you can or cannot imagine from a Phone finder app. Among the virtually limitless list of functionalities some important ones are Ring phone Remotely (using SMS), erase SD card data, lock phone, find GPS location, start Wi-Fi and gps , Take picture of the thief using both rear and front camera, remote install, send email when sim card is changed and lots more. This app is also very lightweight, about 500 kb in size. A lot of positive feedback from users signifies that this app is actually does what it promises. Only drawback of this app is , it is not very user friendly .   

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