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Android security apps are very much essential for keeping your sensitive data safe from hackers and other malware apps. Today as the popularity of android phones rises, a lot of users are using the android phone for banking transaction, shopping carts to buy stuff. Malicious apps and hackers can track passwords and other sensitive information from your android phone to recover your banking and financial details. Does it is very essential to install different security apps available in the play market to keep your android phone safe from hackers and malwares. These security apps can be categorized into antivirus, password manager, android phone locator and app protector.

Antivirus Apps

Lookout Security & Antivirus gives you total security against any attempts to steal sensitive data by Mariners and viruses and also fax your phone when it is lost or stolen. The essential features of this antivirus are
it detects viruses hidden in malicious apps, e-mails or contacts.
It blocks malicious URLs from stealing your sensitive data when you click those URLs from your browser.
It blocks malicious contact numbers when you dial those numbers from your mobile browser
Locate the position of your phone and displayed on Google maps.
Sounds an alarm so that you can find the exact location of your mobile phone.
Backup and restore facility for your contacts.

Lookout Security & AntivirusLookout Security & Antivirus

Avast antivirus is another very popular antivirus tool available in the market. It has the following very useful features like
It scans apps and memory cards for viruses and malwares and whenever you install new apps from the market.
It gives you remote control access to your phone using SMS or web to track the phone, wipe out data and alert siren etc.
Scans URLs to check malicious websites when you browse the web.
Filters out SMS and calls that you do not intend to receive.
Works as an app manager, by listing out the apps and the amount of memory usage by each of app.
It acts as firewall in rooted phones.
Monitor network Traffic.
And lot more.
Avast! Mobile SecurityAvast! Mobile Security

This is a very lightweight antivirus security app, about 2 mb in size and has limited bit essential security functionalities. It is very useful for users with low-end android phones and limited data plan. This anti-virus works quite well in scanning apps and is the card contents for viruses and malwares. It gives updates with smaller data file size to save network traffic for users with limited data plan. It has low battery power requirements that is does not drain out your battery very quickly. This app does not require very high CPU usage, to stop degrading the performance of your phone.

Dr.Web Anti-virus LightDr.Web Anti-virus Light

This is an antivirus app developed by the desktop and laptop antivirus company Symantec. It can scan apps and is the card contents for viruses and finds out the apps that are responsible for is slowing down your phones performance. It implies a unique feature that, it uses the opinion submitted by millions of Symantec community users to quickly find out malicious apps. Apart from virus scanning features, it has anti-theft feature like buzzing siren to quickly find the missing phone, easing out data remotely in case of theft, filter out unwanted calls and SMS, sync contacts between different phones and devices and lot more.
Norton Security antivirusNorton Security antivirus


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