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The stock Android phone keyboard app that comes preinstalled in the android phone by the phone manufacturers is often not very sensitive to finger touch. It is inconvenient for typing and often introduces a lot of typing errors.  To solve this problem many app developers came forward to develop keyboard apps that are sensitive and accurate to finger touch, can autocorrect and predict words as you type first few letters of the word. These 3rd party apps make your typing a lot faster even in smaller screen sized android phones.

Ratings received  207,705
Avg.  Rating - 4.4
This app features keyboard size customization, font size, key tones, support emojii, supports multiple languages, theme support, multiple keyboard layout. Have accurate dictionaries, Smart engine for predictions, Import contacts so that you can insert your friends name quickly and swipe input where you just glide your finger over the keys of the letters that form the word. This method makes the typing very fast as you can type without lifting your finger from the keyboard.
Cons - frequent layout switch to default keyboard, autocorrecting often ends up adding wrong words.

Go Android Keyboard

Ratings Received - 145,000
Avg.  Rating - 4.6
Its unique selling point is that, it scans your previous emails, texts, Facebook updates and recognize the patter of your writing. This method improves the ability to predict what you're about to type and it works remarkably well. Switch seamlessly between tapping and swipe typing with our new SwiftKey Flow feature.
It has a very accurate word prediction. Nice clean interface.

Cons - Text prediction expires in free version expires after 14 days

SwiftKey Android Keyboard 1SwiftKey Android Swipe Keyboard

Ratings received 39,705
Avg.  Rating - 4.5
This keyboard has a very unique feature that if talks the word that you have typed while you are typing. The keys are very large to make you type in effortlessly. It supports many themes and has a lot of customization options. It learns the most used words as you type and makes it more perfect in prediction. It supports many languages and has customizable colors, themes, background images, fonts. It has different themes to make the keyboard look like iPhone or Windows phone.
Cons - Trial version - text prediction will be available for 14 days only

A.I.type Keyboard Free

Ratings received 37,766
Avg.  Rating - 4.2
It has  a very nice contextual text prediction feature and you can swipe your finger on the keyboard to type words without lifting a finger. It supports multiple themes and languages. It updates its dictionary regularly to give you more accurate text correction. You can also import your contacts to type your friend’s names effortlessly. It is 100% free software, which means it will never expire but display ads.
Cons : text prediction is less accurate. Sometimes it disappears while typing.

TouchPal Keyboard

Ratings received - 30,353
Avg.  Rating - 4.0
This keyboard is mostly famous for swipe typing feature. If you slide your finger on the keyboard instead of typing and it will guess the word. It supports multiple themes and languages.
It also has a very nice text to speech engine where you can just speak the words you want to type and the keyboard will type the words for you. It can also import your contacts.
Cons - Sometimes it freezes and disappears while typing.

SlideIT free Keyboard

Ratings received  17,004
Avg.  Rating - 4.2
This keyboard has multitouch, Multilanguage, multiple skin and vice input support. After the trial version expires the free version continues to function but it can occasional nag screen asking you to buy the full version.
Cons - Does not support emojii plugin feature.

Smart Keyboard Trial

Ratings received  6,411
Avg.  Rating - 4.4
This keyboard has a unique "split" layout which is supposed to make your typing more accurate. It supports multiple keyboard layouts for bigger and smaller screen devices and separate layouts for portrait and landscape. It has other usual features like multiple languages, themes, voice recognition, different colors and size of keys, font.
Cons - Supports less number of languages. Lacks input accuracy.

Thumb Keyboard

Ratings received  3,794
Avg.  Rating - 4.3
This keyboard offers a lot of customization options. It has a unique feature that, it supports different industry specific dictionaries like Business,  IT & Telecom, Finance, Legal and Medical,  Telecom , It also has themes based on festivals like St. Patrick’s day, Holi etc. Clipboard with navigation keys and select, cut, copy, and paste functions.

Adaptxt Keyboard - Phone


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