10 most interesting Temple Run like games for Android

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After the immense popularity of Temple Run I and Temple Run II in android platform, many other developers came forward to develop games which are similar to endless-runner game. Although these games like subway surfer , Agent Dash are based on endless-runner theme, yet they offers a lot of variation in game play and graphics. The Gaming community who liked Temple Run, loved these games too. Here is a list of 10 endless runner game with great graphics and intense action.

Ratings received - 339,000
Avg Rating - 4.5

This is a true successor of the original temple run and the graphics really improved a lot. In this game your character will run through jungles, mountains and Dungeons at a very high speed and you have set the direction of your character with swipe of your finger to avoid falling. You have to take power ups while running with very quick movement of your finger. This is a very simple but greatly addictive game, millions of gamers found this game very interesting and spend hours playing this game, even though some people find this game difficult for its very high speed.


Ratings received - 580,000
Avg Rating - 4.7

This is another endless runner game similar to Temple Run but with a lot of new additions. In this game you have to ride through subway tunnels on a skateboard. While surfing you have to collect coins, power ups and avoid collision with trains, light posts, wooden walls etc. With swipe of your finger you can make your character jump, tumble roll under objects, use hover board to go through any obstacle temporarily. If you hit any obstacle twice you will be caught by a cop and his dog and sent back to the starting point. This game is very colorful and has really nice graphics.

3. Agent Dash

Ratings received - 121,000
Avg Rating - 4.5

Agent Dash is another endless run HD game like temple run. In this game your main character is an undercover agent whose objective is to avoid or demolish obstacles while running, in order to uncover super villains. Here the movements are sidestep, leap and slide the obstacles. Collect diamonds to purchase new gadgets and unlock new characters. The agent can fire pistols to destroy obstacles and use jetpacks to run through obstacles without receiving any damage. You can even compare your score with facebook friends.


Ratings received - 130,000
Avg Rating - 4.6

At the start of this game you have to construct a vehicle with different pieces of stuff like box, umbrella etc., given to you at the start of the game. The pigs will ride this vehicle avoiding various obstacles to clear map to reach towards the finishing line. You will also have to collect crates and stars along the way. This game is lot more difficult and thoughtful than angry bird and takes serious planning to clear the map as the levels increases.

5. Rail Rush

Ratings received - 95,000
Avg Rating - 4.2

This is yet another endless-run type game which resembles a lot with Temple Run. In this game , instead of running  you will travel in a cart on a rail road . You will have to swipe and tilt in order to prevent falling and collision with obstacles. Tilting makes you move sidewise to avoid obstacles and flicking left and right helps changing tracks. Collecting gold nuggets and gemstones helps you to upgrade your cart and make it more resistant to damages. Gems and rock eggs can line the rail. The graphics and characters of this game are really superb.

Ratings received - 123,000
Avg Rating - 4.6

IRunner is another very simple yet interesting Temple run type game. In this game, you have to run and collect batteries to increase your energy and powerups. There are two buttons “jump” and “slide”on each side of your screen, tap jump once to make simple jump and tap that button twice to make double jump. Tapping “slide” button simply slides the character. The game does not have great graphics like the other games mentioned above, yet it is very simple and highly addictive.

Ratings received - 61,000
Avg Rating - 4.5

This is another very cool, funny and addictive game. The main character is very unique, an old granny, yet she is a master in combat. In this game you have to help our granny escape from mental asylum. You have to avoid obstacles like box cartoons and beat up punks in the streets and grab their coins.


8. Vector

Ratings received - 39,000

Avg Rating - 4.4

In this game the free Runner(the main character) try to break free from a world where system where people have to freedom. The movements are based on urban ninja sport of Parkour. The movements are really amazing and the surroundings are really thrilling. You have to jump over the top of tall builds to escape. There are 100+ movements available according to the game developer.

9. Running Fred

Ratings received - 71,000
Avg Rating - 4.5

In this game our hero Fred runs through a fantasy world to avoid skeletons and other antic monsters. This game is filled with action and gore. There are lots of amazing movements to avoid traps and killing of the fiery monsters. You have to acquire special combat moves and perks while running.  The fantasy world through which Fred runs is amazing.

Ratings received - 23,000
Avg Rating - 4.6
Another Temple runner like game with good graphics. You are a treasure hunter trapped in an island full of cannibals. You will have to slide, climb, stringjump and crawl to escape from hungry looking savages chasing you with spears. You have to collect coins to unlock powerups and additional levels.


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