imo instant messenger :

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imo instant messenger is a android chat client which lets you chat on most popular chat platforms like  AIM/ICQ, Jabber, Facebook, Google Talk, MSN, MySpace, Skype, and Yahoo. you can log in to all thse chating system at once. Once you log in with an account it remembers your login information and log you in automatically next time. You can send voice chat, videos and files through this app. All chat logs are saved into IMO server.

imo messenger is free and doesn't use your sms or minutes. You do need internet access, over wifi or a data plan (3G preferred but works well on Edge also).
• Super fast and reliable messaging (much faster than SMS)
• Clean, simple and easy to use interface
• No need to create an account with imo
• Link all your existing IM accounts for easy login
• Very efficient on battery and network resources
• High quality voice calls
• Voice IMs (fast voice messages) turn your phone into a walkie-talkie
• Group messaging (super simple creation: add as many friends as you want to a group from any protocol and start chatting)
• Group photo sharing (share pictures with a whole group)
• Multimedia attachments - audio, video, files
• Chat history with lightning fast letter-by-letter search
• Concurrent sessions on different devices and the web at (messages automatically sync and alert in a smart way)

You can download this app from Google play store .


Funny Status for Facebook LITE

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Funny Status for Facebook LITE is a free android app for posting funny status message to facebook. consider these situations
A ) Sometimes you run into the situation that, you want to post something funny or very impressive as Facebook status message. but cannot think of some great status message on your own.
B) You always think that if you create post a lot of impressive status messages like your friends.
C) You are trying to impress someone with a great birthday message, but all you can think of is the regular "happy birthday. Have a blast" type of message.

Wouldn't it be great if there was an app, which already has a great database of ready-made funny status messages and call you have two do is to find the appropriate one and Post it from your phone to Facebook.Funny Status for Facebook LITE does just that. With this android app, you can choose funny and
impressive status messages from a list of thousands of prewritten status messages.

consider some of the status messages like "remember when you thought you'd have it all together by the time you add the age you are now?LOL"
"they keep saying the right person will come along, I think mine got hit by a truck."
Your friends will really have a good time reading this funny messages on your Facebook wall. apart from the ready-made text messages there are others status message  tools available in this app, like.

Backward text tool - with this tool you will have to write any message of your choice and completely reverse of that message anything generated by the tool, and you can directly pose the reverse message to your Facebook.
Circle text tool - this tool puts a circle around every letter that you type into it and post to Facebook status message when you tap "post" button.
Flip Text - this tool tips to text upside down before posting to Facebook.
Haxor Transkator-  This this tool generates hex equivalent of any text that you type into it.
there are many other cool tools for generating Facebook status messages in this app and the number of tools are increasing day by day.

★★★ Features: ★★★
✔ This app does really have a huge database of 10,000 Categorized Funny Status Updates. That you can post directly to your profile. You can even edit the messages before posting them.
✔ the database gets updated with new status messages as frequently as everyday.
✔ many text tools to generate custom funny status message
✔ On This Day – Post what happened on this day in history!
✔ Featured Articles: Facebook Secrets & Easter Eggs, Chat Emoticons, FB Statistics, Guide to Finding Friends on FB, How to Score A Date on FB, Worst FB Statuses of All Time.




You can download this app from Google Play Store

UberSocial for Twitter

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UberSocial is one of the best-known  Twitter app available in the Google Play market. This android app lets you check twitter updates with or without having a twitter account. The main advantage of using this app is that you can follow tweets from great personalities and celebrities very easily.
This app displays a list of famous  person's Twitter accounts separated in different categories.when you select a category it will display the name of the twitterers belonging to that category in left scroll pane and when you tap on any tweeterer name, it will display the tweets from that Twitter on the right side.You can and any greater to your favorites list and check updates from that person .you can also create a list of your most favorite tweeterer and call them "inner circle". Tweets from inner circle are most frequently updated so that you never miss them.

This app has a very nice feature that if you think if you're getting too much twits on a particular topic, you can we mute that topic or the user for a certain period of time. This app is also very useful to those person who has multiple Twitter account. You can change the look of the app by applying different themes into it. by connecting Facebook and Gchat into this android app you can directly post your favourite tweets to Facebook and Gchat .This app can open links to different  media like images and video from within the app, so you can check the links without leaving the app.
Another funny feature of this app is you can do is shake the phone to refresh the feeds.This app also supports services like Tweet, ReTweet, Direct Message, @Mention, lists,twitpic,, yfrog,,, lockerz, flickr, mobypicture, twitvid, twitgoo, twitsnap, imgur, instagram .


You can download this app from Google play store .


BLOOD & GLORY : Action games for android

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BLOOD & GLORY is a free action game for android. This is a battle arena type game where you have to battle with gladiators to win the tournament.  You can use special attacks against your opponents to defeat them. This game has great 3D graphics. To earn special attacks you have to buy them with real money. And of course you can not win the final championship without buying those special attacks. But even if you dont want to spend money , this game is quite good.
It takes 140Mb of internal memory and high end devices like Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC EVO 3D.
Blood and Glory Abdroid game


You can download this game from Google play market 

TweetCaster for Twitter

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TweetCaster for Twitter is one of the best twitter client for android. It has a special feature called search party which helps you find your tweets on your favorite topics very easily. It is very fast , free and lightweight twitter client . Millions of users use this app to tweet their status. It runs on both phone and Tab.

with this app you can add and manage multiple Twitter accounts very easily. Each Twitter account can be opened in separate tabs on a scale feature is great, you can search by topic or search by Twitter names or by Location.this app lets you Post to  both Facebook and Twitter. 

The ZIP feature lets you mute annoying hashtags or people from your can also edit your images and add great effects using this app. This app lets you add link from the tweet to pocket , instantapaper or Readability for later reading.

The "readability" mode restructures the view according to the size of your device, this is really great feature . This feature lets both owners of large sized tabs and small sized mobile phones read the twitter without difficulty.

For those who love to make longer tweets, TweetCaster android app can support Twitlonger to create tweets longer than 140 characters. When you create any posts longer than 140 letters , this app will automatically ask if you want to post with Twitlonger . You can schedule your posts to get posted at a particular date and time or can just save the tweets as draft. This app displays the tweets as push message notification on the top of the screen so that you never miss any important tweet. You can retweet with or without adding your comments to the original tweet. You can also add tweets by speaking instead of typing.

The "Treads" feature lists the hottest twitter keywords or twitters that are being Favorited by most users. The "Nearby" feature lets you read tweets from people nearby your geographic location. The "smartlist" feature lets you create lists of people whom you follow. You can create list of people consisting of who you already follow or add new people to the list.

This app has a great list of "who to follow" , separated into different categories like "Recomended for you",  "women", "news", "Television", "politician", "music" and lot more .

Overall this is a great addictive app for Twitter addicts.


You can download this app from Google play store .

Expense Manager : Expense tracker

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Expense Manager is an very simple , free , easy to use android app to track your expenses and incomes. You can create multiple accounts , take picture of rceipts, create income category, payer, payment methods. Add check no and description, even auto fill to populate the fields with default values.

You can track expenses and incomes by week , month and year and category. It can display total expenses and incomes based on category , month and week. Maintaining multiple accounts with multiple currencies are easy. Recurring payments can be scheduled and works as payment reminder. You can also take pictures of the receipts and save them.
It helps a lot in setting up the budget. Creating backups through  cloud and SD card are possible with this app. It can create nice charts based on the expenses and incomes.

Takes about 1Mb space after moving to SD card, though it may vary with devices.



You can download this app from this link .

Daily Expense Finance Manager

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Daily Expense Finance Manager is another very simple , free, easy to use expense tracker. The expense are categorized and to add an expense you have to enter into that category first. adding an expense is very easy and intuitive. You can backup, export and import databases of expense . It can not record incomes and other facilities like recurring expenditure or capture images of receipts.


It takes about 1.2 Mb memory space and can be moved to SD Card.

You can download this app from Google play store .

CWMoney Expense Track

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CWMoney Expense Track is another great expense tracker application. It is very popular app of its kind. However it is not compatible with low end phones and it is not recommended that you transfer it to SD card. Also recurring bills and payments can not be added

CWMoney is a personal finance manager.
- UI Theme Select
- Shortcut,Widget for QuickTrack.
- Multiple accounts
- Multiple currency
- Support GPS,Camera,Album,Voice,Calc.
- Transfers and Account Exange Rate
- Hierarchical categories with custom attributes
- setMonth budgets
- Catalog ,Subcatalog Append/Edit
- Filtering and PieChart reporting
- Data Export (Excel XML,CSV ) EX.
- Backup Send to Dropbox , Gmail , FTP...


Youi can download this app from here .

Talking Tom Cat Free : A fun app for android

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Talking Tom cat is one of the most funny android app. I have never seen any person who watched this app for the first time and didn't get amazed. In this app a cute cat mimics whatever you say in a very funny voice, along with that he has few animated friends who comes from behind and beats him up on tap of your finger. Really  a great app to amaze your friends or keep your toddler busy talking to Tom for hours.

The voice in which Tom repeat everything you say is very funny, most serious type of person will burst in laughter after hearing his voice. This app will keep your kid engaged for a very long time. there are other features like , tapping Toms head, belly or feet to make him feel very much disgusted. You can slap him by tapping on his cheeks, after few repeated slapping he will collapse. There are buttons that you can tap and his friend will appear from behind and will fart or make funny gestures to annoy Tom. touch Toms tail and he will burst into anger.

Overall this is a very simple app but the gestures and activity of Tom is really very hilarious. My 4 years old kid really loves it, I have seen him talking to Tom with a lot of affection and even kissing the screen. Wherever we go , he takes the phone from me and starts showing this app to the relatives and make them really laugh.



This app is free to download , and takes about 3-4 mb of memory space.

You can download this app from Google play store 


Talking Tom Cat 2 Free : Fun android app

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Talking Tom Cat 2 Free is the highly modified version of the very popular android app Talking Tom Cat . This is a free app .This app has a lot of new features over older version and takes up about 12Mb memory space.
In this app you can customize Tom's appearance and make him look like , police officer, pirate etc. You can buy gold coins with real money and buy accessories for Tom.
Most of the features of Talking Tom Cat original has been kept as is with some new exiting additions.
★★★ FEATURES ★★★
✔ Talk to Tom and he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice.
✔ Pet Tom's belly or head and make him purr.
 a paper bag and scare Tom. It's hilarious.
✔ Press the phone button to make Tom play with the original Talking Tom app and repeat after himself in a funny loop.
✔ Press the feathers button to see Ben hit Tom with a pillow.
✔ Press the ? button to make Tom pull random items from behind his back.
✔ Shop & equip Tom with awesome accessories by pressing the coat hanger button.
✔ Record and share videos on YouTube, Facebook or send them by email or MMS.



You can download this app from Google play store

ES File Explorer File Manager

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ES File Explorer for Android is one of the best file manager app. It has an whooping 240,000+ user base and rating of 4.7 in the goole play market . Aprat from being a file manager it serves as multi utility app such as application manager, cloud storage client, task killer, FTP client, and Samba client    This app supports all popular cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive,, Sugarsync, Yandex, Amazon S3, and Ubuntu One,which means you can access your files from both your phone and computer through, cloud storage. It allows android users anywhere in the world to manage their resources for free, you can see all your files in one device, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others, it makes easy to manage, stay connected using your 3G, EDGE or WiFi, and share with friends, upload photos, watch videos.

According to the app developers, it has over 100 million users are using this app and one of the best resource management tools on Android market.

Features List :
* File Manager -- with this app you can manage your files on phone just as you can do on your pc or laptop, which means you can  perform Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut, and Bookmark; all these operations  on local files (on your Android device) or remotely (on your computer).

* it can also act as Application manager and lets you Install, Uninstall, Backup, Create Shortcuts, create  Category on your phone.
* Compress and Decompress ZIP files, Unpack RAR files, can create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files
* As it supports a lot of different file formats you dont have to install a lot of document or file viewer if you install this app. It can support photos, docs, videos anywhere and also support  third party applications such as Document To Go to open document files.
* Thumbnails for APK,images, and with an inbuilt image browser
* Search files using this app is very easy . You can mention the input file name, path where the search takes place, category of files like Image files or video files etc, size, date created of the file in the file search criteria.
* You can access your Home PC files , via WIFI with SMB.
* FTP, it's your FTP client, It can connect to any FTP server and download/upload files to and from that FTP server.
* It also acts as Bluetooth file transfer tool. So sharing songs and other files with your friends phone(Bluetooth enabled) becomes lot more easier.
* The Task Killer needs an additional module to installed named ES Task Manager module. This app can Kill tasks with a one click and can also kill tasks automatically , with ignore list to ignore some applications you don't want to kill. It is an advanced task killer to kill running applications and clean memory
* Shortcuts, bookmark manager (This feature needs ES Bookmark Manager module installed)
* Root explorer feature. It is the ultimate file management tools for root users. You might access the whole file system and data directories, and change permissions.


You can download this app from this link.