1Tap Cleaner : clear your phone cache

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This app clears phone cache to free up internal memory in 1 Tap. This cache cleaning frees up internal memory and  is very helpful for better performance of your phone. with this app you dont have to open the settings menu and free up cache of each app individually. apart from cache cleaner , this app can also clean history ) clipboard, email client, google play, internet etc) , Call history. this app can also clear history automatically at preset interval like 1hour, 2hours, 8hours according to your choice.


You can download this app here .

Where's My Droid Lite : Another great mobile phone locator

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Where's My Droid Lite is an unique mobile phone locator. Most of us think that we wont loose our phone, so we dont bother about installing any phone locator app. This app can be installed and activated remotely from google app market. Then you can sound the ring by dialing your number from another phone or  receive the GPS location in latitude and longitude with a link to Goggle maps.


You can download this app from here

Wheres My Droid : A great mobile tracker app

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Wheres My Droid is a free mobile phone tracker app . Finding the mobile phone is greatly difficult when the phone is in silent mode. This app can turn the ringer volume up and let you hear the the mobile ring. If you are fur away from the mobile phone you can track the GPS coordinates with a link to google maps. You can track your lost mobile phone from commander or their website , You can passcode protect your mobile to prevent unauthorized app changes, get notification on change of  SIM card or phone number , White/Black list to control who can use the app via text.


You can download this app from here

App Cache Cleaner Another fast cache cleaner

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App Cache Cleaner is fast and easy to use app cache cleaner. it clears the app cache and frees up internal memory so that your phone run faster. When opened it searches all apps whose cache needs to be cleared and shows them in a list. Then you can click "clear all cache" button and all the apps cache will be cleared. You can even search for a particular app and clear its cache.


You  can download this app from this link

History Eraser : Android cache memory cleaner app

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History Eraser is one of the most poplar cache cleaner app. This app can erase caches of
1) all app caches
2) Browser cache
3) Google play , Google map cache
4) Gmail
5) clipboard
6) call log history
7 ) sms history
This app has very simple , easy to use interface.You can set to start this app with the booting of your phone and this app will erase cache whenever the screen goes off.


Download link

Funny Jokes Android app

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Funny Jokes android app is one of the best app for delivering jokes.
With this app you can
1) read thousands of jokes.
2) Share jokes
3) Vote and comment on jokes
4) Contribute your own jokes.
5) Save jokes as favorite.

Most of the jokes here are mature but they are funny, well most of them. This is a free and  very lightweight app , about 1 Mb in size. You can select and send jokes to friends via sms or share them on facebook or other popular social networking sites.

 You can download this app from here

Gtask : A simple ToDo list for android

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Gtask is a simple to do list application which syncs your notes or tasks with google calendar. it is very simple to use,  lightweight and free to use. This  is a simple to-do list with subtask features, reminder settings, and color-coding options..
 Its greatest feature is its ability to synchronize between your Android phone and your Gmail automatically. No credentials or sign-ins are necessary since it syncs with your Android-registered, primary Gmail account. Users with Android 2.0 and above can sync GTasks with multiple accounts. Gtask allows you  to view tasks easily on your home screen. The ability to share GTasks lists via Facebook, e-mail, or a variety of other options is also a nice feature. 


You can download this app from here .

Funny Facts Free 8000+

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as the name suggests , this app displays funny and interestiong facts on your screen.  This app delivers not only some of the funniest but most interesting facts out there. You can select from categories from  human body, nature, science, statistics, interesting, celebrities, world records, strange laws, and sex. You’re sure to have a fun fact for every occasion. You can navigate Funny Facts Free 8000+ using your touch screen. Swipe to the right to see the next fun fact and swipe downwards to go to a random fact. This app has compiled many really amazing facts. You can also choose to watch Random funny facts, save funny facts to favorites. You can also send and share funny facts to your firends. There is a search bar on top of the sreen , which lets you search funny facts based on search keywords. There is also "Lips" symbol on top of the screen which upon tapping narrates the facts.



You can download this app here.

Zite : A popular news reader app for android

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Zite is a popular news magazine which aggregates news from different sources and display them at one place. Zite has variety of news category to choose from . It is free to download and use and very lightweight , about 1 Mb in size.
Zite gives you the option to create your own personalized  magazine by choosing from wide variety of news sections like,
Wold news , Politics, Arts and culture ,Sports, Film and tv, Music, Programming, Technology , Photography and many many more.
Stories are presented in a fresh and intuitive interface making articles easy to read and navigate through. you can vote an article by giving thumbs up or thumbs down and Zite will further personalize the article selection based your choice.



However there are some negative reviews on this app. Some news contains link to the source of the news which has to opened in a browser, forcing you to leave Zite and come back again  to Zite to read the next news. Also , the news sources can not be customized .

But despite this few shortcomings, Zite , is a great lightweight and free app for reading a magazine style news on your leisure time .

You can download Zite from here.


Zedge : Android app for Ringtones, wallpapers and themes

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Zedge is a fun app for downloading wallpaper , ringtone and themes. It has a really large collections of wallpapers and ringtone. Now Zedge also offers free Games and Live Wallpapers. Some of these downloads are paid downloads but most of them can be downloaded for free. You can play the ringtones or games within the app and also set them as ringtone directly through the app. The ringtone and wallpaper database is searchable. You can also share your favorites with your friends.




You can download Zedge from here.

Scare your friends : Android App

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Do you want scare your friends, give them a little shock and see them burst into laughter after recovering from shock? There are fun apps available for you to scare your friends. All you have to do is to install any of these apps in your phone, set a timer of 10-30 secs after which it will show some ghosts or monsters on screen , then hand over the phone to your friend and tell him to check some other cool app. While your friend will busy checking the harmless app, the scare app will pop up suddenly and hopefully)!) scrae your friend.

1)  Scare Your Friends - SHOCK!  :  This one is the coolest app of this kind. You can select the picture of the ghost from a list and set the timer according to your choice. The best thing is that the app timer runs in the background , so your friend don't have a clue that the ghost is going to appear suddenly.



you can download this app from here .

2) Scare Your Friends In 30s : This is another similar kind of app. The timer in this app runs in the background so your friend is unaware of when the ghost is going to appear, but you can not select the ghost image yourself.

You can download this app here 

Android eBook reader Apps

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Android eBook reader apps are very useful to store multitude of eBook and read them when you are travelling. You can store man eBook in your android device and read them at your leisure time, when you are travelling or waiting for someone to arrive. these eBook readers lets you read free eBook and also buy eBook through the app stores.

1) Moon+ Reader : Moon eBook reader is one of the very best eBook readers available in the app market. It has both Free and paid version. Free version has all the functionality of paid version except pro version does not display ads. It lets you download lot of free eBooks and buy paid eBooks as well. The interface is very nice and customisable.
Features :
1) 1 touch day and night mode. 
2) 1 touch toggle between portrait and landscape mode.
3) Book marking
4) adding notes
5) Highlighting
6) Social sharing
7) Change of themes.
8) change of font size
and lots more

it is 4 mb in size and can be moved to sd card.
You can download Moon Reader from here

2) Aldiko eBook reader : This is another very good eBook reader , although the interface is not as user friendly as Moon Reader. This app is free to download. the collection of freely downloadable eBooks are less than Moon reader.
It has a major advantage over Moon eBook reader is that, it can read external pdfs that has not been downloaded through Aldiko app, thus you can read any PDFs or eBooks using this app and also share eBooks through different android devices.
The interface has a great wooden shelf look, resembling old wooden library racks.

It takes about 6.5 MB of memory space and can be moved to SD card
You can Download Aldiko from here .

3) Wattpad : This app acts as an ebook reader community, with over 100,000 books to choose from. Here readers and writers can interact and express their views. After you read a book you can share your comments and opinion with other readers.

You can download this app here

4) Kindle : Kindle is another eBook reader from  amazon. Good think is that you don't need kindle device to read kindle eBooks. You can download free or paid eBooks from amazon and sync those eBooks between different devices like Android, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7. The Kindle app has a built-in dictionary that allows you to look up words instantly while you’re reading your eBooks  Simply tap and hold a word to view its definition or use the Google and Wikipedia links to get more information.

You can download this app from here .